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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


In the Anglo-Saxon language "thankfulness" means "thinkfulness." At 78 I am thinking with thankfulness of the many opportunities God has given me to proclaim His Word. My first pastorate was in New York State, when I was a student at Houghton College. I opened a closed church, Rawson Valley Baptist Church, and ministered there until I graduated and had to return to Canada in 1958. My most recent pastorate ended a couple of weeks ago. It was Faith Evangelical Free Church, Louviers, Colorado. Between those two ministries, I have preached in every part of the United States and in Canada, too. I am thankful that God gave me the privilege of doing so.

In my "thinkfulness" today, several highlights of ministry stand out, for which I am thankful:
• I preached at Chicago's Pacific Garden Mission every Sunday morning during my final two years at Moody Bible Institute ('56, '57).
• I preached at First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas, in 1977. Dr. Criswell was the pastor then.
• In 1998 I shared God's Word at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the golf course, where I had caddied as a boy. The planning committee of St, Catharines Golf and Country Club had read my golf book, Out of the Rough, and had invited me to be the club's featured guest.
• I spoke at the 2001 Michigan State Governor's Prayer Breakfast in Lansing, Michigan. This annual event is well attended by elected officials and representatives of businesses throughout the state.
My desire is to keep preaching whenever and wherever the Lord leads me. Sharing His Word is a privilege for which I can never be too thankful.

--Jim Dyet