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Monday, January 20, 2014

Super-Bowl-Bound Broncos

I have been a Broncos fan since 1971, when I moved our family to Denver from West Terre Haute, Indiana. Like all Broncos fans. I have experienced disappointment and delight. Yesterday, was one of those delightful experiences. The "good guys" beat the Patriots handily and will face off against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. I expect the Broncos to win, although I like the Seahawks.
I won't travel to NJ for the big game. Frankly, I can't afford the trip and a Super Bowl ticket. 
A Super Bowl ticket will certainly cost more than a ticket for yesterday's AFC Championship game, which was about $900. So I will simply get comfy in my recliner and watch the game on TV. Besides, at-home snacks are much cheaper than stadium snacks, and there's never a line at the restroom.
I find it mystifying that fans pay big money to attend sporting events but avoid church services that allow anyone to attend free and even sit down front, where the choice of seats is usually wide open. Furthermore, even if the home team wins a sporting event, the euphoria lasts only a brief time, whereas the joy that results from attending church and applying a good biblical message lasts beyond a lifetime.
All of that having been said, "Go, Broncos!"