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Monday, October 22, 2007

Available Free Tickets to Heaven

A few minutes from now thousands of Rockies fans will storm the Internet in an attempt to secure tickets to at least one of the currently scheduled three World Series home games. The targeted web site may crash! But even if it accommodates all the traffic, only a fraction of hopefuls will obtain tickets.
World Series tickets are expensive, but at every game 51,000 ticket holders will experience several hours of blissful hysteria as they “root, root, root for the home team.”
Unless the Rockies fail miserably (an unthinkable possibility?), the faithful fans at Coors Field will not regret the cost.
So “Bravo,” World Series ticket holders! Enjoy your coveted hours with the Colorado Rockies and . . . that other team…oh, yes, the Boston Red Sox. But do you know you can obtain free admission to something far better than a World Series game? The Bible promises eternal life to all who receive it as a gift from God. Romans 6:23 indicates this gift comes to us through Jesus Christ, and John 1:12 explains that all who receive Jesus Christ enjoy the privilege of membership in God’s forever family. (See also 1 John 5:11–13.)
The 2007 baseball season will end November 1 or earlier, but no one can predict when his or her life on earth will end. It’s extremely important, therefore, to know now what our eternal destination is. Heaven, the eternal home of those who believe on Jesus as Savior, provides unending bliss; meaningful activity; reunion with Christian loved ones and friends; freedom from pain, suffering, sorrow; and best of all, face-to-face fellowship with the Savior.
Are you holding a ticket to a reserved place in heaven?

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