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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What's New?

Venez ici, Sadie! Bonne fille, Sadie!
I suppose I could speak to our new puppy this way. She is a Coton de Tulear, a French breed similar to a Bichon. Cotons originated in Madagascar, and “Coton” is French for “cotton.” However, since Sadie was born in Burlington, Colorado, I will forgo the French and address her in English.
Sadie looks like a ball of cotton and is just as light. She seems to be as easy to train, as she is to lift. I’m sure she will be a magnificent little dog. Although we purchased her only yesterday, she has already become a cherished family member as “sister" to our Maltese Molly and our toy poodle Rosie.
Bringing a puppy into one’s home carries a huge responsibility, but the fun that accompanies the responsibility makes the event well worthwhile. I think every senior should buy a puppy. The challenge and joy of caring for a puppy helps to keep a pet owner young at heart. It also forces a senior to stay active.
I can’t walk Sadie in the park alongside Molly and Rosie until she has had a few more vaccinations, but I am looking forward to that first walk. Handling three leashes will require a certain amount of dexterity and alertness and I may have to do the Highland Fling occasionally to avoid tripping, but my muscles and joints will thank me for the exercise.
Regardless of your age, accept a new challenge soon, whether a new puppy brings it to you or it arrives in some other form. Start a Bible study or befriend a needy person or visit a nursing home or invite a neighbor to church or ______________ . You fill in the blank.
We are never too old or too insignificant to take on a new venture for the God of new beginnings.

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