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Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow Removal in Colorado

A winter storm struck Colorado Saturday, making my Sunday morning drive to Penrose slower than usual. Highway 115 between Colorado Springs and Penrose was icy and snow packed under cloudy skies. The temperature was 12 when I left home and 14 when I reached the church in Penrose. Brrr!
Unless you live in Colorado or know someone who lives here, you may not be aware of our normal snow removal method. Snow-fighting crews spread sand sporadically on the roadways but liberally at intersections. The next step is to wait for the sun to melt the ice and snow.
While driving o’er the snow, I was thinking, “During a snowstorm in Illinois, IDOT spreads tons of salt on the state’s roads, and before long motorists can drive on wet, snow-free roads.”
On my trip home from Penrose, the temperature had climbed to 19 degrees, but ice and snow had vanished from the highway. The surface was dry and safe. What made the difference? The sun had appeared, and its intense rays had melted the ice and snow.
That’s typical of Colorado weather. The brilliant sun quickly melts whatever snow falls east of the mountains.
It is also typical of the Son to melt cold hearts. Let’s pray that He will melt many cold hearts this Christmas. The temperature may fall throughout the nation, but His love can burn in our hearts and radiate to others.

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