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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Church with a Heart

Yesterday I drove 46 miles to Penrose for an 8:00 a.m. men’s breakfast at the church I am serving as interim pastor. The food and fellowship were outstanding. Later, I visited an unemployed couple in need of a hand up. (The term, “handout,” doesn’t seem to fit people that want to work.) Because they don’t own a car and public transportation isn’t available where they live, it’s hard for them to find work.

Our church wants to help them.

One of our leaders will give this couple a ride to church this morning. Another is looking for a used car the church can give them.

I am grateful for Christian men who serve the Lord so passionately. The guys who prepared breakfast and those who are involved in helping the needy couple I mentioned are a credit to the cause of Christ. They live out Jesus’ teaching about serving others in His name.

I look forward to teaching God’s Word this morning in “the church with a heart in the heart of Penrose.”

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