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Monday, February 18, 2008

Ministry Update

When Gloria and I left for church yesterday morning, snowflakes were falling and a cold wind pummeling our car. Conditions worsened in the foothills. Highway 115 that runs past Fort Carson Army Post became snow covered and slick and stayed like that until we reached a point about 25 miles northwest of Penrose. Suddenly, the sun popped out from behind the clouds, the snow ended, and the highway and fields were completely dry. It was another day of weather contrasts in Colorado, a day in which a drive of only a few miles can offer at least two seasons in half an hour.

This morning I am waiting for my son-in-law Brad to drive here (Colorado Springs) from Denver for golf at a nearby course. I need a break occasionally, and golf fills that need perfectly.

In spite of a raging spat of flu-like symptoms in Colorado, our church attendance was good yesterday morning, and the fellowship was great. A few visitors attended and seemed to feel at home. One of our men with a vision to share the gospel launched an evangelism training class after church. It is wonderful to see so many men and women in our congregation eager to engage the culture with the message of forgiveness and life.

I learned the other day that several congregations are praying for our church and my ministry. I invite you to join them in prayer. Attendance and finances need to increase so the church will be able to call a full-time pastor. The Lord answers prayer!

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