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Sunday, April 13, 2008

God's Word and His World

A representative of the Gideons International spoke in church this morning. His remarks left no doubt that when Gideons place God’s Word in the hands of students, hotel guests, and inmates, it changes lives. I’m glad our congregation gave generously this morning to help the Gideons spread the Scriptures around the world.

A potluck and monthly business meeting followed the morning service. The food was good, and those who attended the business meeting demonstrated an eagerness to share God’s love with others. Our church’s motto, “The church with a heart in the heart of Penrose,” challenges us to live what we teach and preach. I know our congregation will meet the challenge.

Upon returning home at 3 p.m., I took our three dogs for a walk under a beautiful blue sky. Neighbors were out in full force, mowing their lawns or watering them, or jogging, or pushing strollers. Spring has sprung!

Walking is good for the soul (and the sole too). Snow-capped Pike’s Peak loomed large against the clear blue sky. As I strolled down a pedestrian path, I passed a bush that was playing host to several bluebirds. It seems all nature paraded its wonder and beauty today as a testimonial to God’s creative power and providence.

If you can get out of the house or workplace this week, look around you, and gives thanks to the One who made all things.

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being” (Revelation 4:11).

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