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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Sunday morning attendance was low yesterday morning. Likely a number of families went camping. Our church is located close to the Arkansas River, Royal Gorge, and beautiful mountains. The area attracts many tourists and locals to fish, hike, bike, ride the rapids, and enjoy the majestic scenery. The low attendance was not surprising.

So there was ample room in church for the two visitors that arrived after I had started the morning service. But a couple of members chased them from the sanctuary and out the front doors. The unwelcome guests were dogs. We had left the church’s front doors open because the weather was pleasant. Apparently, the dogs had interpreted the open doors as an invitation to check out our worship service. Perhaps they had hoped we would sing the dogsology. At any rate, they helped make Memorial Day weekend even more memorable than anticipated.

Our flag is flying in front of our house this Memorial Day. I hope yours is too. We owe so much to our military men and women. Many of them paid the ultimate price to keep us free. Those who are serving our country in faraway places are sacrificing for us. We owe them our prayers, our support, and our thanks.

The greatest sacrifice of all sacrifices was the one Jesus made on the cross on our behalf. He voluntarily laid down His life to give us eternal life. Let’s remember this sacrifice with deep gratitude today and every day.

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