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Monday, August 25, 2008

Protests and the DNC

The Democratic National Convention has put Denver in the spotlight. Unless I miss my guess, TV viewers will see some of the beauty Denverites enjoy almost every day: bright sunshine, deep blue sky, an alabaster skyline, and rugged mountains. Clearly visible most days from Denver are Mt. Evans to the west and Pike’s Peak to the south, both topping 14,000 feet. But most likely, TV viewers will also see a few ugly political demonstrations.

Thousands of law enforcement officers are on hand in Denver to maintain order and to respond quickly if protests threaten the public’s safety and/or property. Also, firefighters, medical personnel, and hospitals are on high alert. A number of city streets have already closed to the public, and even a stretch of I-25 that runs past Invesco Field, where Barack Obama plans to deliver his acceptance speech, will close at rush hour Thursday afternoon. What a traffic mess commuters will face on their way home from work!

Denver realizes terrorists may strike during the convention. So preparedness is a key factor in protecting our state’s capital. I’m prepared to stay home, in Colorado Springs, one hour south of Denver.

The Bible predicts a violent, ugly demonstration in beautiful Jerusalem at the end of human history. Satan will marshal his followers in a last ditch effort to defeat God and His followers, but no one can win a battle against God. He will engulf Satan and his followers in an inferno and then cast them into the Lake of Fire (see Revelation 20:7–10).

This week’s political protests in Denver may prove inconsequential, but rebellion against God now and at the close of human history incurs extremely serious consequences. Fortunately, God invites all who oppose Him today to stop resisting His will. He offers forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace to those who come to Him through faith in Jesus Christ (Isaiah 55:6, 7; Romans 5:1, 6–11).

Life’s most important decision is not about John McCain or Barack Obama; it is about Jesus Christ. And you don’t have to wait until November 4 to cast your vote.

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