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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nurse Molly

Sunday afternoon I developed a high temperature and severe chills. Not intentionally, of course! I think a virus caused it. I am feeling better today, but I haven’t gained my full strength. I may have to eat more spinach.

While I was feeling puny, shooting pains kept striking the right side of my right foot. This episode occurs sometimes when my back hurts. It was especially brutal before I had my first back surgery. Maybe the virus settled in my back. At any rate, when the pain jabbed my foot these past two days, I winced and moaned. Each time I did so, Molly, the oldest of our three dogs, jumped into my lap and planted a kiss on my face. She has always been sensitive to my discomfort. After I suffered a stroke in 2001, Gloria and I purchased Molly from a breeder 30 miles east of Colorado Springs. We refer to her as our little dog on the prairie. Molly helped me regain my strength and balance by insisting on daily walks.

Some Christians have the gift of “showing mercy” (Romans 12:8), but that fact doesn’t excuse the rest of us from exercising compassion, kindness, and brotherly love. Paul exhorted the believers at Colosse to clothe themselves with compassion and kindness (Colossians 3:12).

What are you wearing today?

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alanthegreatstoryteller said...

Sorry to hear about your health problems. But isn't it amazing how God uses our adorable pets to comfort us. Wonder how many times the animals in the Garden kept Adam and Eve company.
Amazing how God gave Adam the responsibility of naming all those animals. It had to have taken him along time. Some may say, it wasn't that hard. Yea right. My hat goes off to Adam for a wonderful job of naming those animals. I like how God brought the animals to him.
Didn't God bring the animals to Noah? I think so. How ironic is that.