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Friday, November 7, 2008

Kissing Camels

I played golf yesterday at Kissing Camels, one of Colorado’s premier courses. A golf buddy had bid on golf for four at an auction, and won. He graciously included me in the foursome.

Kissing Camels sits on a mesa directly across from Garden of the Gods, a popular tourist attraction. A massive rock formation in Garden of the Gods resembles two kissing camels. Nearly every fairway offers a clear view of Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak, and Cheyenne Mountain. But, as we played, we were also treated to a close-up look at deer herds and a coyote. A regal buck stared menacingly at us when we looked for an errant golf ball (not mine) in a stand of ponderosa pine.

Viewing the spectacular scenery and wildlife yesterday reinforced my conviction that the Creator is all wise, all powerful, and benevolent. What a wonderful environment He provided for us! But nature rests under a curse, and therefore doesn’t rival the beauty and majesty of the original creation. However, when Jesus returns to Earth, He will restore the planet to Edenlike conditions. I can hardly wait to play a premier golf course then.

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