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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sunday Golf

The unthinkable happened in Scotland in 1592. A royal proclamation restricted golf to six days a week, making Sunday golf as nonexistent in Scotland as a wasted penny. Apparently the king wanted Scots and their pennies to attend church regularly.

Much to the relief of Scottish golfers, the ban was amended in 1618 to allow Sunday golf if players attended church first.

I doubt that a ban on Sunday golf today would increase church attendance. Despite Christian golfers love of fairways, greens, long drives, and short putts, we love God more than golf. Our commitment to our great God exceeds our commitment to the great old game of golf. Come Sunday, we’ll be present for worship.

By attending church regularly, we honor God, encourage fellow Christians, maintain our credibility with our neighbors, and strengthen our relationship with God. Another plus for regular church attendance—no tee time is necessary!

Read Hebrews 10:24 and 25 today.

—From Out of the Rough by Jim Dyet (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

© 1996

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