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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I need to take a break today from writing. I have been working against a tight deadline to write a VBS course for adults and another VBS course for 5th and 6th graders. I wrote VBS courses last year for both age levels, but I was younger then!!!

After a year and a half, my interim ministry at Penrose, Colorado, will end February 22. A full-time pastor will preach his first sermon there March 1.

The incoming pastor has been e-mailing me from his home in Georgia. He is looking forward to ministering and living in Colorado. I alerted him to the independent mindset he will find in Colorado. Coloradoans tend to resemble the mountains. No two are exactly alike. They value individualism and resist all attempts to make them conform to traditions and formality. Suits and ties are as scarce in our rural towns as an all-day rain.

I am scheduled to preach March 1st about 50 miles east of Colorado Springs. The church is not far from where Gloria and I purchased Molly, our Maltese, our “little dog on the prairie.” Currently, the church doesn’t have a pastor; so one Sunday of preaching may lead to additional Sundays. “Have Bible, will travel!”

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