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Monday, May 4, 2009

Nothing Going On

I know some people love retirement. I'm not one of them. After 51 years of ministry I have no preaching opportunities and no writing/editing assignments. I mentor writing students online, but their lessons just trickle in. I trimmed our shrubs this morning and raked pine needles from under our ponderosa pine, but a little yard work is a poor substitute for ministry. I am hoping that a few pastors will invite me to pinch hit for them when they take their summer vacations.

I have thought about applying for a job at Walmart. I could greet shoppers, but I don't think Walmart would let me greet them with "If you have your Bible with you, please open it to . . . "

I will let you know if my situation changes.


Jim said...


I pray this "lull" in ministry will provide new revelation that will be essential to the next opportunity God is opening up for you.

Interesting how our perspectives can be so different. After the last several weeks of crazy overtime hours at work, I'm looking forward to at least a couple days of "nothing going on".

I haven't been to the skating rink for weeks--I'll deal with that this week....on my CCM SuperTacks of course! (as depicted on my website)

God Bless,

sweetthang said...

Jim, One your students here....sorry it's been barely even a trickle from me lately. I have been writing though. Judging by what we wrote today, looks like you and I both have spring fever. If you're ineterested, my blog's title today is "Mullygrubs". You can find it at