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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Knowing Jesus

Our children have good memories of times we entertained missionaries in our home. They learned that missionaries are real people who care about others, undergo personal struggles, have distinct personalities, and possess a good sense of humor. A missionary to Brazil gave an ocelot skin and other artifacts to our children. Another missionary gave our son a pair of cowboy boots. He said he wouldn’t need them in Bangladesh. Another got expelled from a bowling alley in the middle of a game we were enjoying. It seems he had stepped on some candy and tracked it onto the bowling lane.

Crowds got to know Jesus’ teachings, but individuals who drew close to Him got to know Him. When Jesus visited the home of Mary and Martha, Mary sat at His feet and listened to what He had to say. However, Martha was too busy to sit at His feet, and objected that Mary was not helping her. Jesus explained that Mary’s choice was better than Martha’s.

If you want to know Jesus well, spend quality time with Him.

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