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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Wondering

I suppose it is a mark of old age to reminisce and wonder. I have been reminiscing about Christianity in the old days and wondering when . . .

Feelings replaced objective truth.
Rock replaced “Rock of Ages.”
Movie clips replaced sermon illustrations.
Theater seats replaced pews.
Holding hands for prayer replaced folding hands for prayer.
“Judge not” replaced church discipline.
“Hip” replaced “holy.”
Obscure church names replaced denominational names.
Celebration replaced consecration.
Pop psychology replaced theology.
CEO pastors replaced shepherd-pastors.
“What do you feel about this?” replaced “What has God said about this?”
People of faith replaced born-again Christians.
Kingdom replaced church.
Kingdom work replaced working for the Lord.
Speech seasoned with cuss words replaced speech seasoned with salt.
Meaningless choruses replaced meaningful hymns.
A few people carrying Bibles to church replaced everyone carrying a Bible to church.
Consumerism replaced proclaiming God’s Word as it is to people as they are.

Just wondering. Of course some of the items on the list are neither moral nor immoral; they are amoral. However, I find some of amoral items abnormal. Along with wondering when these things happened I am wondering why they happened and where we go from here.

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Aunt Dawn said...


I've pondered some of these things myself.
I miss the days where you could walk through a public area and not hear people cuss in everyday conversation. I still say to them "Excuse me but that talk isn't necessary and everyone doesn't want to hear it." Or something to that effect. Sometimes they realize that it was rude of them to do so, and sometimes they cuss at me and tell me to mind my own business. I always thought what was happening in a public place WAS my business.
I miss the pews and the smell of the wood. It brings back good memories. But if spreading the word of God, *note - I didn't say "feel-good" sermons, requires seating in a large hall with theater chairs, then I'm ok with that. But the self-containment that comes with a theater chair may be some of the reason people feel they don't need to share the good news with others anymore.
I hear so many folks saying they don't believe in organized religion. Yet they consider themselves Christian. The root of all successful endeavors is organization. Whether it be moral or immoral. The fanatics hoping to harm other people are organized. They know that a "divided people" is easier to conquer.
People today will organize a Mary Kay party, a Pampered Chef party, or a sports event, but rue organized meetings for praise and prayer. I don't get it.
Unfortunately, Jim, I don't see things going back to the good old days.
Amazing sweet the sound.