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Monday, July 20, 2009

Small-Town Christianity

Goodland, Kansas, is a well-groomed small community of about 4,000 residents. I drove there yesterday morning, preached at Goodland Bible Church, and returned home after the morning service. I logged 353 miles roundtrip. The congregation was friendly and receptive, and two families invited me to their homes for dinner. I declined their invitations, though. Because I am still not feeling up to par, I wanted to get home as soon as possible.

I wonder how many small towns in America are home to at least one Bible-believing church. Nearly every town? Perhaps every town? Certainly little churches in little towns all across America play important roles in people’s lives. They introduce people to Christ and help them grow spiritually. They comfort those who hurt and provide hope for those who despair. Their influence helps to keep America strong.

We hear so much about mega churches, but praise for small congregations in small towns is rare. Today’s blog is dedicated to those often-overlooked little flocks.

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