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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

When Jesus assembled His team of disciples in the first century, He selected ordinary men from a variety of occupations. They lacked notoriety, seminary diplomas, political clout, social status, and discipling experience. They were a rag-tag crew, a bunch of hybrid peas from different pods, a collection of loose cannons, and a disorderly dozen. At times they showed an appalling lust for personal prestige, a tendency to shoot from the lip, and unwillingness to accept Jesus’ teachings. Nevertheless, under Jesus’ patient mentoring, all but one of these men became an obedient and productive follower of Jesus. They learned slowly, but when they finally grasped the lessons Jesus taught, they turned the world upside down.

• They had learned to love Jesus.
• They had learned to obey Jesus.
• They had learn to submit their wills to Jesus.
• They had learned to overcome temptation.
• They had learned to surmount trials.
• They had learned to triumph over persecution.
• They had learned to serve others.
• They had learned to exercise their spiritual gifts faithfully.
• They had learned to value the eternal more highly than the temporal.
• They had learned to focus on the goal of winning others to Jesus.

How far along in these lessons are we?

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