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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Good Weekend

It was a good weekend. Our daughter Sherrie and son-in-law Jim purchased a tiny male Bichon rescue dog from the Humane Society. I am happy to report it has settled in as a member of the family alongside three other rescue dogs that are Chinese Cresteds. Of course, like the others, he will accept lavish attention without a whimper.

Sunday morning I preached at Calvary Bible Church, Colorado Springs, to an exceptionally large crowd. The fact that the Broncos-Bengals game was televised at 11:00 a.m. did nothing to keep people from church. My topic, “The Grand Finale of History,” based on Revelation 19:1—20:3 focused on our Lord’s future return in glory to seize control of our planet from the hands of evildoers and to establish His righteous rule over all the Earth. The change He will introduce at that time inspires genuine hope in our hearts now.

By the way, the Broncos beat the Bengals in a surprise ending. With 11 seconds remaining in the game, a tipped pass landed in Brandon Stokley’s arms. He ran into the end zone, completing an 87-yard touchdown.

Yes, it was a good weekend, a very good weekend.

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