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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Would You Stand in Line?

Except for five years in Chicago, from 1990-1995, Gloria and I have lived in Colorado since 1971. Today must be the coldest day we have experienced here. We received about an inch of snow, but the temperature plummeted to 3 degrees, and the wind is ferocious.

I take daily walks, but I have indoors for much of today. We did venture out this morning to see the l-o-n-g line for Sarah Palin’s autograph party at Border’s. She will be signing her book this evening, but people had to line up this morning to receive bracelets authorizing them to line up this evening for the signing.  Alaska has come to town!

Occasionally I sell a book I authored, but no one has had to stand in line to purchase it. I guess I will just have to live with slow sales. I will never become a celebrity in politics, sports, entertainment, or the mega-church world.

 Maybe if I should write a diet book . . .


1 comment:

Aunt Dawn said...

Would that be a Dyet diet book?