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Saturday, January 30, 2010

How Good Is Your Memory?

A patient complained to his doctor that he couldn’t seem to remember things.“How long has this been going on?” the doctor queried?

The patient replied, “How long has what been going on?”

I hope your memory is better than that patient’s, but let’s test it.

(1) When was the Magna Carta signed?

(2) In what year did WW2 end?

(3) How do you find the area of circle?

(4) What is a scalene triangle?

(5) How many of each kind of animal did Moses take onto the ark?

(6) In what city did Lazarus, Mary, and Martha live?

(7) What was the most recent leap year?

Answers appear below.

We all forget things occasionally. We may forget a familiar person’s name, our zip code, where we placed our car keys, where we left our hat, our score on the 14th hole, or even a doctor’s appointment. However, we should never forget the Lord and all His benefits. By fellowshiping with Him daily, we will keep our memory sharp.



(1) 1215.

(2) 1945

(3) Multiply the radius by itself and multiply by pi (3.4).

(4) A triangle with no equal angles and no equal sides

(5) None. Noah took animals onto the ark.

(6). Bethany.

(7) 2008

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