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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hockey:Canada's National Sport

What a hockey game last night! The rivalry between the USA and CANADA was intense, and the hockey was fast paced and hard hitting. I must confess I cheered for the losing team. Although I have been a US citizen since 1966, I grew up in Canada (born in Scotland) and strapped on hockey skates at a young age. It was what every Canadian boy did. After all, hockey was and still is Canada’s national sport.

Televised hockey in the USA used to be rare, but it is frequent now. Hockey teams are not limited to the NHL; you can find them in America’s high schools, community leagues, and colleges. Canada’s passion for hockey has spread to the USA and to many other nations. Canadians have surely done a good job of persuading many nations to adopt the sport.

Before ascending to heaven Jesus instructed His followers to disciple all nations. The mission was to begin in Jerusalem, spread to Judea, penetrate Samaria, and reach to the far corners of the globe (Acts 1:8). How passionate are you and I about this mission. Can we share the gospel as successfully as Canada has shared hockey?

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