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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shape Up!

I bought a pair of Shape Up Skechers® yesterday and wore them for about 45 minutes. They are comfortable, but I had to get accustomed to the rocking motion. I am not a rock fan, especially in regards to church “worship.”

A DVD and brochure in the shoebox allege that Shape Ups will help wearers “get in shape without setting foot in a gym.” I wonder if they will keep me in shape when I step into a buffet. I hope so!

My main motivation for purchasing Shape Ups was to tone my back and leg muscles. In spite of two lower back operations, I still experience pain in my back, right leg all the way down to my foot and toes. But I walk about two miles every day. The Shape Ups should help me walk on and rock on.

No one has developed an easy way to shape up spiritually yet. Spiritual fitness is a lifelong process requiring the disciplines of prayer, Bible study, moderation, and obedience. Don’t look for a strap-on Bible or a temptation-resistant belt you can strap on and wear that will work wonders! If a publisher or manufacturer had been able to produce either one, it would have hit the market years ago.


Jim Marr said...

Rock on dude!!

I pray the shoes and the Lord will bring relief from pain and strength to your body!



Audra Krell said...

That is hilarious at stepping into a buffet! Something I would wonder myself! Hope they work out for you, literally and figuratively!