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Friday, April 30, 2010

Our on the Salt!

A few protestors are objecting to the emblem attached to the hospital at Fort Carson Army Post. It shows a cross in front of the mountains and the Latin motto, "Pro deo et humanitate," meaning “For God and Mankind.” The emblem must go, the protestors insist, because it violates the principle of separation and state. This is just another indication that secularists might be happy if all Christian symbols were removed from public property.

Perhaps those symbols will be gone someday, but Christians will still be present unless the Rapture removes them. In the final analysis, Christians must serve as salt to preserve our nation and influence non-Christians to believe on the Savior. It is good that Christians live in communities across all across the United States, work in a wide variety of industries, and attend numerous schools. God has shaken the salt everywhere.

The powerful influence of lives that reflect God’s saving grace cannot be capped, muffled, or silenced. Let’s keep the salt level high so people will thirst for God.