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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long-Lasting Marriages

Strange For Sale ads appear from time to time like the one that offered a wedding dress “worn only one time by mistake.” Recently Gloria and I have been receiving 50th-anniversary announcements from friends. In each case, the wife wore her wedding dress only one time, but not by mistake. Of course, there are many reasons why a marriage may crumble quicker than the wedding cake, but here are a few reasons many Christian marriages last 50 years or longer:

1. Each person chose to marry the person God chose.

2. The husband and wife entered marriage with personal faith in Christ.

3. The marriage was never a 50/50 proposition; it was a 100/100/100 proposition. Each person was 100 percent committed to the other and both were 100 percent committed to Christ.

4. Selflessness prevailed over selfishness.

5. Both parties perceived anger as one letter short of danger.

6. “I love you” was demonstrated not simply enunciated.

7. Forgiveness displaced resentment.

8. A sense of humor kept the couple young at heart.

9. Prayer lifted burdens from the couple’s shoulders and onto the broad shoulders of Jesus, our Burden Bearer.

10. Two exercises were banned from the marriage: running up bills and jumping to conclusions.

11. Compliments flowed freely; negative criticism was rare.

12. The couple’s hair turned gray or white, but the flame in their hearts always glowed brightly for each other and the Lord.