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Sunday, June 6, 2010

W, X, Y, Z

Our granddaughter Jessica Whiting graduated from high school yesterday. The ceremony took place at Mackey Auditorium on the campus of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Because the diplomas were awarded alphabetically, she was the last member of her graduating class to receive a diploma. Naturally, as a proud grandfather, I believed the principal had saved the best for the last. Isn’t that why dessert, the best part of a meal, is last?

No doubt those whose names fall into the last section of the alphabet have learned to cope with being the last ones to be mentioned for recognition. However, Jessica is an honor roll student deserving of special recognition. So she is the only COVA 2010 grad whose name appears in today’s blog. Congratulations, Jessica!

When Jesus said the last shall be first (Matthew 19:30), He was referring to all who assign their highest priority to following Him in spite of personal sacrifice. Prominent leadership positions in Messiah’s Kingdom are reserved for them.

A faculty member reminded Jessica’s graduating class that the future holds many choices. She encouraged them to make good choices. Following Jesus all the time is not just a good choice; it is the best choice.

When Jesus assigns leadership roles in His kingdom, I don’t expect Him to do so in alphabetical order. Perhaps some Wagners, Walkers, Wallaces, Whitcombs, Whites, Whitings, Yoders, Youngs, Zablowskis, and Zimmermans will be among those called first.