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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Place Called Crook

Crook, Colorado, named in honor of General Crook, who fought in the Indian Wars, lies two miles off I-76 in Northeastern Colorado. If you enter Colorado from the northeast, you will find an Exit for Crook about 30 miles past Julesburg. If you are driving from the southwest, you will see the Crook Exit sign about 30 miles past Sterling, Colorado. For several Sundays I have been exiting I-76 and crossing the South Platte River to reach the United Evangelical Church of Crook, where I have been preaching. I will look for the Exit sign a final time this coming Sunday, August 7. A pastor from Wisconsin will exit I-76 for Crook sometime during the following week. The congregation is eagerly anticipating his arrival and subsequent ministry.

If you travel along I-76 near Crook on a Sunday morning, why not visit this E. Free at 10:45 A.M.? You will be glad you did. The people are extremely friendly, giving substance to the cliché that “visitors are always welcome.” Expect to be greeted with many smiles and handshakes when you enter the attractive church building and also after the hour-long worship service. By the way, no one rushes away after church. The people linger for informal chats.

This coming Sunday, when I drive home from Crook, I will carry many good memories with me. The congregation loves God, His Word, and every opportunity to worship, fellowship, and grow spiritually. I’m sure it won’t take long for the new pastor to feel at home. It might take a while longer, though, to remove his Packers bumper sticker and slap on one that reads, “Go, Broncos!’