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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fans or Fanatics?

The Rockies won again last night. It was their twentieth win in twenty-one games. Fantastic!
That word “fantastic” brings to mind two similar words, “fans” and “fanatics.” The first is usually applied to sports devotees, the second to Christians. Perhaps the application fits as well as a left shoe fits a right foot and a right shoe fits a left foot. After viewing the Rockies game last night from the comfort of home, I believe those who attended the game are fanatics. Christians are not fanatics.
The Rockies’ faithful sat in cold rain for almost four hours, having paid premium prices for the “privilege.” The temperature dipped into the 30s. When was the last time Christians sat in cold rain for about four hours free of charge to worship and/or listen to Bible teachers? Never?
One June day I sat outside the Billy Sunday Tabernacle at Winona Lake, Indiana, and listened to a Bible teacher expound Scripture. When dark clouds poured rain on the audience, most people ran for cover. Because the outdoor service was being broadcast, the speaker had to dig in and keep expounding. I stayed, but hardly anyone else did.
So chuck the word “fanatics” from your vocabulary when you refer to Christians. While you’re at it, discard the word “fans” too. Who wants to be known as one of Jesus’ fans? I prefer the term, “faithful follower.” It marks the believer as someone who is loyal to Jesus and committed to the lifelong pursuit of walking in His steps.
Let’s relegate the word “fans” to the world of sports and the word “fanatics” to the world of loonies. Faithful followers of Jesus do not live by their emotions, nor do they simply put Jesus in a celebrity role. He is Lord and Master.

“’Come, follow me,’” Jesus said” (Matthew 4:19.

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