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Saturday, October 13, 2007

What a Fellowship! Pass the Pie!

I will be preaching tomorrow morning (October 14) in a foothills community about one hour southwest of Colorado Springs. The chairman of the board just called to inform me a fellowship dinner will follow the morning service. I'm all for that! Fellowship dinners, often called potlucks, are occasions for eating, conversing, eating, and eating. I often wonder how churches would survive without fellowship dinners.
Some time ago, I heard about a third-grade teacher would tried to tried to teach her students about religious diversity. She asked them to bring something to class the following day that represented their religion. A Jewish boy brought a Star of David, a Catholic girl brought a rosary, a Muslim boy brought a prayer rug, and a Protestant girl brought a casserole dish.
I'm sure I will have a gourmet encounter with several casserole dishes tomorrow.
The New Testament meaning of "fellowship" goes beyond what normally comes to mind. It suggests a joint participation in the work of the gospel. The apostle Paul expressed his gratitude for the Philippian Christians' fellowship [partnership] in the gospel "from the first day until now" (Philippians 1:5). Although he was a prisoner in Rome when he wrote his letter to the Philippians, Paul still received prayer support and financial support from his Christian friends at Philippi (1:19; 4:14–18).
When I preach tomorrow, I will endeavor to encourage the congregation to partner together to spread the Good News of Christ. Pass the gospel, and pass the pie!

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