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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hand Me a Towel!

I don’t want to be super critical, but it seems to me egos are running wild not only in sports, entertainment, business, and politics, but also in the church. Over-inflated egos, like body snatchers, have even taken control of some pastors. They function more like hard-nosed CEOs than shepherds. They fleece the flock rather than feed it. They set their sights on building a big church, and use or abuse their followers in order to reach that goal. They operate by an it’s my-way-or-the-highway mentality. Have they forgotten the servant-leader role Jesus modeled? Or have they simply rejected it, thinking it can’t possibly work in our goal-driven, worldly-success-oriented culture?
Jesus commanded us to follow His example of serving others. He also demonstrated what it means to serve. He taught His disciples that He had come to earth to serve and not to be served. True greatness is that of humbling oneself not in exalting oneself. In the Upper Room, He performed a humble servant’s task by taking a towel and washing His disciples’ feet. On the Cross, He made the supreme sacrifice on behalf of others. He died for our sins.
Yesterday, I moved into the church office in Penrose, read the Church’s statement of Faith and Practice and the Church Directory, and began calling members of the congregation and recent visitors to learn how I can serve them. I want to lead the congregation by serving. I may be out of step with Madison Avenue, but I want to be in step with the Master. So, hand me a towel!

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