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Friday, November 9, 2007

Write On!

As a mentor for the Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, I coach more than 120 aspiring writing students. Some are nearing the course’s completion date. Some have just started. The rest are scattered between start and finish. However, all of my students want to pursue an effective writing ministry and are willing to work at improving their skills.
I wish every student could become a published author, but I’m sure it’s an idle wish. Out of the thousands of manuscripts that land on editors’ desks on any given day, only a few get published. Good writing demands careful research, creative thinking, a commitment to excellence, and a bulldogged determination to write on, in spite of rejection notices. I believe some of my students will see their work in print because their writing sparkles and offers significant take-away value. Others, however, would be well advised not to quit their day jobs.
I am especially encouraged by the presence of Christian writing students in many countries. Although most of my students live in the United States and Canada, some live in such places as the United Kingdom, Chile, India, Africa, and China. Who can tell how far-reaching their Christian influence will extend as they employ their writing skills?
Christian writing should not be confined to a Christian audience. As you have browsed in a Christian bookstore or scanned the pages of a Christian publisher’s book catalog, have you noticed almost all the titles target Christian readers? What are Christian writers doing to reach out to non-Christians with quality books—books that scratch where readers itch, persuade in a winsome way, and present God’s message as relevant and life-changing.
You may not see yourself as a potential book author, but perhaps you can write an effective letter to the newspaper editor about a moral issue. Perhaps you can share your testimony with a non-Christian relative or friend by writing a warmhearted letter. The spoken word is powerful, but the power of a well-crafted written message lasts far beyond what we say.

“Write down the revelation and make it plain . . . “ (Habakkuk 2:2).

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Carol Wilson said...

Inspiring post. I trust your students will "make you proud" in a spiritually appropriate way for mentors.