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Monday, January 14, 2008

Trust Your Pilot

Boarding a commercial airplane can be a scary experience, especially if you spot a fellow passenger who fits your preconceived image of a terrorist. But an equally scary experience for me is that of seeing a pilot who doesn’t fit my preconceived image of a trustworthy pilot. In my thinking, the person who sits at the controls should look like Mr. America or Wonder Woman. I want a pilot that inspires confidence. I would feel uneasy if a Barney Fife look-alike in a pilot’s uniform stepped into the cockpit. And I wouldn’t feel at ease either if my pilot wore trifocals. Maybe these are just personal hang-ups, but I’m guessing you have them too. Deep down inside I know it doesn’t matter what a pilot looks like if he knows what the instruments look like and how to use them. All that really matters is his ability to have everything under control from takeoff to landing.

I don’t know what Jesus looks like, but I do know He is always in control. He holds all authority in heaven and on earth. Nothing escapes His gaze. Nothing slips from His grasp. Nothing takes Him by surprise. Nothing thwarts His purposes. He protects all who trust in Him, and He will land all of us safely in heaven someday.

—Jim Dyet, from The Anchor, © 2008, Haven Ministries. Used with permission.

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