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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Modern-Minister Doll

I wonder how long it will be until someone invents a modern-minister doll. Perhaps you can guess how it will work. Just pull the string attached to his back, and modern minister will tell you what you want to hear. Of course, the human prototype has been available for years in various shapes and sizes.

The modern minister tells his congregation man is basically good, sin and hell are archaic concepts, Jesus was simply a good man and an excellent role model, all references to the blood of Christ are obnoxious, and the Bible is riddled with myths.

The modern minister devotes most of his time to social and political causes. He hopes his ministry will help usher in Earth’s Golden Age. He also deifies man and humanizes God by portraying God as existing to serve us instead our existing to serve Him.

Contrary to what modern minister preaches, the Bible insists we are all sinners for whom Jesus died. We should expect mankind to resolve what ails the human heart and the world at large. Even the best-intentioned minds and hands cannot fashion Heaven on earth. Heaven is far too holy to be attained; it can be reached only by personal faith in the Savior.

Preachers must never become so modern that they abandon the old-fashioned but timeless gospel. Further, they must rely on divine power to persuade believers to serve God humbly and faithfully until He calls them Home.

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