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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Lord Is at Hand

Beware the church that offers fun and excitement but ignores topics like suffering, trials, affliction, and counting the cost of discipleship. Once hooked on the notion that the Christian life is a carefree, euphoric flight from one fun theme park to the next, disillusioned churchgoers will crash land when buffeted by the first blast of adversity.

It is in the crucible of suffering and in the crises of life that we gain the purest Christology—the doctrine of Christ. There, in the emptiness of our own storehouse of abilities and wisdom, we turn to Christ. Our cry of “Lord, save me, is met by His infinite power, and we see clearly that He is the Son of God.” Knowing our weakness and His omnipotence, we enter into true worship.

In the days of the Early Church, Christians suffered harsh treatment at the hands of the Roman Empire. They were hounded and hunted, thrown into prison, driven from their homes, flung into the arena to fight wild animals, and set ablaze in Nero’s gardens. However, in the thick of adversity it was common for Christians to whisper encouragement to one another. “Maranatha,” they would whisper, “The Lord is at hand.”

Is the Lord at hand today, too, in the storm as well as in the calm? Let the dying words of David Brainerd (1717-1747) serve as our positive answer. This self-sacrificing, compassionate missionary ignored severe illness, pain, and hardship to share the Good News with to American Indians. His diary exudes his spirit of love for the Savior and for the lost. A final entry records:

LORD’S DAY, Sept. 27. This was a very comfortable day to my soul; I think I awoke with God. I was enabled to lift up my soul to God, early this morning; and while I had little bodily strength, I found freedom to lift up my heart to God for myself and others. Afterwards, was pleased with the thought of speedily entering into the unseen world.

David Brainerd died in the home of the great preacher Jonathan Edwards, and immediately entered the eternal presence of Jesus, who had been His closest friend even in the stormiest times of life.

Clouds may be bursting overhead today, but Jesus knows all about storms. He has been there. No storm can overwhelm Him or the shelter He provides. Trust Him.

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