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Monday, July 28, 2008

Why Worry?

A few years ago a popular song advised, “Don’t worry. Be happy.” I don’t know how many worriers took the advice, but I am sure many wished the song had explained how to stop worrying and start being happy. So many unproductive moments would fade away if worriers cast their worries aside. And think of the money worriers could save if they suddenly became happy. They wouldn’t have to shell out any more cash for medicine designed to help them cope with whatever it is they worry about.

Do we worry that God doesn’t know what might happen to us? Worse still, do we worry that He doesn’t care what might happen to us? Jesus answered both of these questions in His Sermon on the Mountain.

Our heavenly Father knows our needs, Jesus explained in Matthew 6:31, 32, and our heavenly Father cares. He has promised to meet our needs (v. 33). So there is no reason to worry!

I grew up in humble circumstances, but I never asked Dad to tell me his plan to take care of my brothers and me. He had always provided, and his noble character guaranteed his intention to keep on providing.

If we are tempted to worry, we should recall God’s faithfulness to us in the past, acknowledge His eternal truthfulness and goodness, and tell worry to take a hike.

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