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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bobby Jones and Calamity Jane

Bobby Jones and Calamity Jane

To own a replica of the Calamity Jane putter is to own a significant piece of American golf history.

Although the Calamity Jane putter had been on the market for a couple of decades, it did not become famous until Bobby Jones first used in 1920. Then, six years later, he replaced it with another putter, Calamity Jane II, which he used masterfully in ten major championships.

The U.S. Post Office set up a temporary postal station at the 1976 U.S. Open in Atlanta to pay tribute to Bobby Jones and his Calamity Jane putter. The station was named the Calamity Jane, Georgia Station.

Today, visitors to the USGA Museum may see Calamity Jane II, donated by Bobby Jones. Calamity Jane I has its home at Augusta National Golf Club.

There is nothing fancy about Calamity Jane. Probably this simple blade putter would never have achieved fame except for one thing: Bobby Jones held it in his hands, applied his putting genius, and used it to win championships.

God doesn’t need multitalented, highly educated, wealthy, and stunningly beautiful people to serve His purposes. Anyone with a humble heart and love for Him will do just fine. Remember, He used a scrubby desert bush to display His glory to Moses (Ex. 3:1-6). He used one stone and a shepherd boy’s slingshot to drop the defiant giant Goliath facedown onto the ground (1 Sam. 17:45-50). He used a widow’s nearly empty pantry to sustain Elijah (1 Kings 17:10-16). He stretched a young boy’s small lunch far enough to feed at least 5,000 hungry people so well that the disciples were able to gather twelve baskets of leftovers (John 6:1-13).

Any believer, who offers himself to God as an empty vessel, receives God’s power and is able to serve His purposes. God delights to respond to our availability with His infinite ability.

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