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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fickle Weather

Last night’s weather forecast called for up to a foot of snow to arrive during the night. I expected to have to clear snow from our driveway to find our morning newspaper. However, the driveway was bare. The snowstorm must have taken a detour.

March and April are Colorado Springs’ snowiest months. December through February is usually a dry and sunny time of year. Spring is our winter, and winter is our spring. Local weather forecasters must find it very difficult to predict what will happen in a 24-hour period. I’m sure the mountains play a big role in our weather’s fickle nature. So I don’t put much credence in weather predictions.

Nor do I put much credence in detailed prophetic predictions. I believe Jesus will rapture the Church, but I don’t attach any degree of reliability to those who predict a date. I prefer to leave the timing in God’s hands.

This morning, local weather forecasters said dry air might have delayed the snow. It may arrive later today, they advised.

Jesus may come for the Church before any snow arrives, but notice I said “may.” In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes on the sky and my snow shovel close by.

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