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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Than Coffee and Sweet Rolls

Paul thanked God for the fellowship of the Christians at Philippi (Phil 1:3–5). I don’t think any friendship is quite like that Christians enjoy as they partner together to serve the Lord. “Fellowship” involves something far more significant than having coffee and sweet rolls in a church’s fellowship room. It involves working together to advance the cause of Christ. The Philippians exemplified this kind of fellowship by supporting Paul as their missionary (4:10–19).

Fifty-two years ago I graduated from Moody Bible Institute with 256 other seniors in what we all believe was the most closely knit class in the school’s history. At our 5oth class reunion in February 2007, we decided to establish an endowment fund that would benefit Moody students for years to come as they embark on short-term overseas mission trips. We set a goal of donating $57,000 as a class. Two years later, the fund’s balance is roughly $47,000. Soon we will reach our goal.

About 50 of our class members are in Heaven now, but the rest of us are in our seventies and are actively staying in touch. Facebook and e-mail keep us informed. Many of us are still involved in ministries. I am thankful for this ongoing fellowship, and I am also thankful for the fellowship of many friends acquired through the years since I graduated from Moody.

Why not thank the Lord today for your Christian friends and for the privilege of serving the Lord together, each in his or her own “corner of the vineyard”?

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