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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Confusing the Signs

According to an apocryphal story, a state patrol officer pulled over an elderly motorist on I-25. “You were driving too slowly,” the officer explained. “The speed limit is 75, but you were doing only 25.”

“But, Officer, right there the sign says ’25,’ and that’s what I was doing.”

The officer responded. “That sign identifies the highway, not the speed limit. The posted speed limit is 75.”

Looking at the motorist’s three elderly passengers, the officer observed, “Your passengers look terrified and frozen. How do you account for that?”

“Well, Officer, I guess it’s because we just turned onto this highway from Highway 115.”

Confusing the signs is never a good thing on a highway, and it is never a good thing in Bible interpretation. The signs Jesus gave in Matthew 24 as precursors to His coming at the end of the age (v. 3) can easily be misinterpreted as signs that must precede the Rapture. But Jesus was speaking to His disciples (Jews) about end-time events affecting Israel prior to His return to earth to establish the messianic kingdom.

I am convinced the Rapture could occur at any time, sans signs! If you want a detailed explanation, you can purchase my 49-page booklet, Rethinking Popular Beliefs About the End Times, for $5 (postage included). If you are interested, e-mail me at and request my address.

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