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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clean Ducts and an Opportunity

We had our heat ducts cleaned Tuesday. The two men who did the work vacuumed out dust, gravel, stones, pieces of wood, and chunks of dry wall. Some of that debris could have KO’d our furnace’s motor if it had fallen into it. After paying for the work, I gave each man a copy of my book, All Good People Go to Heaven and Other Religious Lore. They seemed to appreciate the gift, but one of them read the back cover copy and asked, “Is this book controversial?” I told him everything I do is controversial, and the book contradicts the popular notion that a person can go to heaven if he joins a church or performs good deeds or gives to charity. “There is only one way to heaven,” I explained, “and Jesus is the way. If we put our faith in Him, we will go to heaven.”

I think both men will read the book, and perhaps they will be in heaven someday.

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Jim Marr said...

Amen. I'll believe with you that these men will be touched by your book and accept the Lord as their Savior!