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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where Have All the Bibles Gone?

Help me understand something. As I travel from church to church to supply-preach, I notice that very few attendees carry a Bible. Why is this? It used to be a mark of a Bible-believing church that its attendees brought Bibles to church and followed along in the Bible as the pastor preached. Because I preach expository sermons, I think churchgoers would get far more benefit from each message if they referred to the sermon text verse by verse as I preach.

So why don’t people carry Bibles to church? Has expository preaching gone the way of the dinosaurs, thereby eliminating the need to use a Bible in church? Has entertainment replaced Biblical edification? Has the believer’s confidence in the Bible diminished? Has illiteracy engulfed churchgoers? You tell me.

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Jim Marr said...

Amen again! Even though at our church we sometimes put the scripture up on a large screen, you'll see lots of Bibles everywhere. In fact, our Pastor likes to recite that "This is my Bible.." quote that I believe John Osteen used to do and I believe Joel does as well. It is neat to see hundreds of Bible's raised to the sky during that recitation.