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Monday, October 26, 2009

"Old" Faithful

“May those who come behind us find us faithful.”


Yesterday I preached to a congregation of faithful, older believers. They worship and serve faithfully at North Federal Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado. Two Saturdays ago, one of the members fell and broke his collarbone, but he attended church the next morning. He couldn’t shake my hand two Sundays ago or yesterday because his right arm is in a sling, but he smiled and told me hasn’t missed a morning service in three years and nine months. Not bad for a 96 year old!

 The pastor of North Federal Baptist Church has used me as a pulpit supply since 1998. This month, I ministered at his church for three Sundays as he and his wife vacationed in New England. The church members have aged since 1998, but then, so have I. Nevertheless, their faithfulness to the Lord hasn’t diminished, and they don’t complain about their infirmities.

 Senior believers like those at North Federal Baptist Church are setting an example younger believers can follow.

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Chuck said...

And this is the reason I enjoy worshipping with "Seasoned" believers. It is the way praise and worship is meant to be...and there is more sincerity and closeness to the Lord in those few short moments with long time believers than the hours spent in a contemporary service. The music mix is right, and the service is about the Lord, not what I can get out of it.