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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Christian Approach to Political Concerns

It must have been tough to live as a Christian in the Roman Empire. The emperors were pagans. None of them held Christian values, and several persecuted believers mercilessly. Nero set believers on fire as human torches. What would Christians have posted on facebook if it had existed in such anti-Christian times?

Would they have scorned, ridiculed, and insulted the political rulers? I don’t think so. Their role was to pray for those who ruled them, submit to every ordinance, serve as ambassadors for Christ, walk in love as children of light, and seek a city whose builder is God.

As citizens, we don’t have to roll over and play dead; we can express our opinions and convictions in love, be gracious, manifest the fruit of the Spirit in our words and deeds, and vote. We can be assured that God is still on the throne and fully in control.

May God bless—and rescue—the USA!