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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Plea for Balance

Vertigo is unpleasant. It hit me suddenly yesterday and threw me off balance. At the same time, my blood pressure spiked. I am feeling somewhat better today, but I am still kind of dizzy.

Balance is something we take for granted until we lose it. If you try to walk a straight path without a sense of balance, you may fall or bump into objects. Similarly, if you try to negotiate the Christian life without a good sense of balance, you will likely fall or hurt yourself or others.

The balanced Christian life keeps us from leaning too far left or right. We stay upright and make steady progress toward the goals God has set for us. The well-balanced Christian does not let feelings push aside his faith. He refuses to let current world crises undermine his confidence in God. He takes a sane, sensible, scriptural approach to prophecy. He majors on the majors instead of on the minors. He depends on Scripture, not circumstances, for guidance. He stays rooted in sound theology, and refuses to let trendy pop psychology govern his actions.

Well-balanced Christians are precisely what a dizzy, tottering world needs.