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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Great Divide

Why do some Christians lead distinctly Christian lives, while others seem to blend in with a culture characterized by egotism, hedonism, and materialism? I don’t think we can chalk up the difference to the amount of exposure each group has had to the Word of God—although it seems to me that Biblical preaching is fading. Possibly the latter group only professes to be Christian, but that possibility makes me wonder how so many people can attend church Sunday after Sunday for years, hear the gospel, and fail to believe in the Christ of the gospel.

Joshua 23:11 may help us understand why such a great divide exists between Christians who honor God and those who are worldly. Joshua was about 110 when he addressed Israel and delivered the exhortation found in Joshua 23:11: “So be very careful to love the LORD your God.” If the Israelites devoted themselves to God, they would be distinct and blessed in the Promised Land; but if they chose to blend in with their pagan contemporaries, they would suffer dire consequences. They would experience defeat, misery, and expulsion from the Promised Land.

This Memorial Day weekend, as we remember those who sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedom, may we also remember our Lord’s sacrifice. He died to gain our freedom from sin, sin’s punishment, and the futility of a life spent without God. So let’s be very careful to love the Lord our God.