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Monday, December 26, 2011

Can Anything Good Come Out of the Broncos' Loss to Buffalo?

The Broncos’ performance in Buffalo on Christmas Eve was ugly. Interceptions, sacks, turnovers, missed tackles, “bad” calls,” and a final score too painful to glance at left Bronco fans eating glum pudding. What can we deduce from such a loss? Perhaps God isn’t as big a Bronco fan as many of would like to think. But judging by Buffalo’s win/loss record, He must not be a big Bills fan either. Maybe He doesn’t have a favorite NFL team. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes might remind us there are Christian players on every NFL team.

But isn’t Tim Tebow an outstanding Christian as well as an excellent football player? Yes, but he isn’t perfect in either respect. He is still developing as an NFL QB, and God is still developing him as a Christian. I am sure Tim Tebow knows what every Christian knows: spiritual growth is far more important than acclaim. The true measure of a person’s success is not determined by athletic prowess or fame or fortune. It is determined by character and commitment to God’s will.

A fruit grower in Michigan seemed devastated when a late frost doomed his peach production. “Why did God let this happen?” he asked his pastor.

“Perhaps,” the pastor replied, “to show He is far more interested in growing you than He is in growing peaches.”

Likely, Tim Tebow believes God is more interested in growing him than He is in growing a string of football victories, and he accepts losses as part of the process.

What are we learning that helps us grow in and through losses and setbacks? Can we look beyond disappointments and see His appointments?

Go, Broncos!