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Friday, December 2, 2011

Te-Bow Or Not Te-Bow, That Is the Question

Te-bow or not te-bow, that is the question.

Tim Tebow has injected excitement into Denver Bronco football, the likes of which Bronco fans have not experienced since 1977, when the team rocked the NFL, won the AFC championship, and played Dallas in Super Bowl XII. During that memorable season, Bronco running back John Keyworth recorded a song that thrilled Bronco fans. His “Make Those Miracles Happen” captured the spirit of 1977 Bronco football. Each win truly seemed miraculous.

Now, the Broncos are winning games in what some might call miraculous ways. They are come-from-behind 4th Quarter and Overtime wins. Fans have seen Quarterback Tim Tebow bowing on one knee and praying. His prayer posture has been called “Tebowing,” and many have imitated it. Some “Tebow” respectfully; others do so mockingly. A recent letter to the editor criticized the young quarterback for praying in public. The writer compared it to the Pharisees’ praying in public to be ”seen by men” (Matthew 6:5). But if it were not for the focus of TV cameras on the praying QB, how many would see him pray? I believe the praying is sincere and unpretentious.

I suppose it is easy to assume Tim Tebow prays for a Bronco victory, but I have no proof of that. Further, praying for one’s team to win equates to praying for the other team to lose. That’s kind of selfish, isn’t it? And surely, Christians may be found on both teams.

Perhaps Tim Tebow prays that he and his teammates will do their best to win. Maybe he prays that the game’s outcome will glorify God. I simply do not know what he prays for, but I do know he prays, and I applaud that practice. It is good to see a Christian role model in professional sports who is unashamed to pray openly and to thank our Lord and Savior for the ability to play football,

Tim is dedicated to Christ and a hard-working, disciplined athlete. The other day, a local sports writer called him “the biggest square in the NFL.” I prefer to say he is squarely on God’s side, and I am glad he wears a Bronco uniform, #15.