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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Our mid-week Bible study last night was interesting. Among other topics related to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we discussed inspiration. I shared my conviction that the Scriptures are inspired (2 Tim. 3:16), but the writers were guided or moved along or carried along by the Holy Spirit (2 Pet. 1:21). By superintending the writing of inspired Scripture, the Holy Spirit made sure the writers did not include in the writing of Scripture what should have been excluded nor did they exclude anything that should have been included. As a result, The Bible, not men, is the locus of truth. Those godly writers of Scripture are all dead, but God’s truth—His Word—lives today and forever (1 Pet. 1:23).

Is this distinction important? I believe it is. The Church needs to understand that the Bible is the sole authority for faith and practice. What good men say from the pulpit is usually valuable, but what the Bible says is supremely valuable. Good men may err; the Bible never errs. Good men may disappoint us; the Bible never disappoints us.

Who can deny we need more of “Thus says the Lord” in these troubled times and less of “Thus says Dr. Soundingbrass”?

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