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Friday, March 14, 2008

Weather Forecasting

Predicting the weather in Colorado is not an exact science. Often, I think it is neither a science nor exact. Years ago, a TV weatherman in Denver gave us fairly accurate forecasts, but he died, and apparently accurate forecasts died with him. He based his weather predictions on the position of cattle in the fields. If they were standing, he predicted good weather. If they were lying down, he predicted bad weather. Perhaps meteorologists should not spend so much time in front of their radar screens. Frequent trips to our cattle ranches might produce more accurate weather forecasts.

Last night, one TV weather prognosticator pointed out that heavy snow was falling in the nearby mountain communities but flowers were blooming in his Front Range city. Here in Colorado Springs, our weather “prophets” assured us the mountains would receive heavy snow but we would have only “fast-moving passing showers.” Well, the “fast-moving, passing showers” stalled over our city and morphed into heavy white now. Four inches of snow arrived overnight, and it is still snowing. Today’s snowfall is the heaviest one this year.

So much for accurate weather forecasts! I have decided to give them as much credibility as the yearly prediction that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl. Now, if the cattle stand up for 30 days without lying down, the Broncos might play in the 2009 big game.

Unlike weather forecasts, Biblical prophecy enjoys a 100 percent accuracy rating. Have you read Psalm 22 recently? Written about 1,000 years before the birth of Jesus, it accurately predicts the Crucifixion. It forecasts Jesus’ physical sufferings and even describes the insults His adversaries would throw at Him and the casting of lots for His garments.

But Psalm 22 also predicts Jesus’ resurrection and future kingdom. Someday, He will receive universal worship, and the nations will submit to His rule. The cross sealed our redemption and secured Jesus’ right to reign.

As I look out my window at the unexpected snow piling up, I rejoice in the credibility of prophetic Scripture.

Now, I have to grab a shovel and clear the driveway and sidewalk. I predict some aching muscles will develop while cattle are lying down on nearby ranches.

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